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WELCOME, to what used to be called "My Art Center". For all the years in Michigan, we spent many leisure hours at the magnificent Midland Center for the Arts. We enjoyed the symphony concerts, the musicals, the theatre, and the art shows. Art, in my opinion, is a matter of the soul. Here is what my soul likes, my treasures.

I love nearly all kinds of music!!For those friends who have known me for ANY time at all, it is obvious that Johnny Mathis is my favorite singer. His concerts are wonderful and I try to be in the audience whenever possible. I have met him face to face three times now, and he is a very nice, generous, kind man. In recent years I have joined a group of dear friends with whom I travel to his concerts. We have a great time and are looking forward to more concerts in 2008. We also enjoy the music of CELINE DION, but haven't been to her concerts since she has relocated in Las Vegas. A new interest for hubby and me is JOSH GROBAN , who attended Interlochen Music Academy in Interlochen, near our home in Michigan. We were delighted to attend his concert there a couple summers ago.

LORIE LINE, from Minnesota, gives us wonderful piano music with orchestration, we call it "mood music". We have been fortunate to attend several of her concerts with my sister and her husband. DANNY WRIGHT, who we discovered at Door County, WI, plays marvelous piano renditions, and I must mention a new favorite NANCY CLAPPER who makes wonderful music with her keyboard. And the late NANCY LAMOTT, a New York cabaret singer, who was from our home town in Michigan is a favorite, much like DIANA KRALL of today. I really enjoy RAY CHARLES' last CD, Genius Loves Company and am eagerly looking forward to Mr. Mathis' new CD A Night To Remember coming out in May. I love the music of the 50's and 60's, Music of Your Life . Handel's Messiah, New World Symphony by Dvorak and Verdi Requiem are my favorite classical pieces.

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I love my books, my books are my friends. There are not enough hours in the day to get my reading done, books are piled everywhere. Unfortunately, I have to OWN the books. That's changed recently since we retired to a much smaller home, so I'm having to part with some of them. So many authors, so little time. The pages fly with a good STEPHEN KING, who writes magnificently about growing up in the "good ole' days", like me, I skip the gorey parts, DEAN KOONTZ, (we listen to him by tape on long car journeys) V.C.ANDREWS, weird, and far out, but can't put it down, PATRICIA CORNWELL, riveting, medical examiner stuff, SUE GRAFTON, who solves her mysteries alphabetically, we are on "T Is For Trespass" now, and ROBIN COOK, who, in each of his novels strives to write about the issues at the forefront of current medical practice. When I want something more light, I go for MARY HIGGINS CLARK, fluffy murder, and Mary's daughter, Carol, has several novels out also. PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY, is the Queen, in my opinion, of pleasurable reading, just for fun, and I've just found out that she passed away on February 8, 2008. It looks like her last novel was Amethyst Dreams in 1997. JOHN JAKES has always been interesting to read and I've just discovered NORA ROBERTS, a very nice, comfy read. I always have a little Christmas book at my bedside, such as the ones by RICHARD PAUL EVANS and SUSAN BRANCH. And as if that isn't enough, I've also been reading any book that I can get my hands on about the history of the area in which I live. I almost forgot JAN BRETT who writes and illustrates the most beautiful children's books. I collect them and I also collect 12 Days of Christmas books, which now number over 200. So, you are convinced that books are important to me?



In this, my art treasures, my favorite artists should be named. Of course my favorite artists are the foursome who know how to color and draw, my grandchildren, Evan, Dennis, Shayna and Anthony. Their art decorates our refrigerator frequently. Besides them, MARTY BELL is the "Queen", her work is exquisite!! I've cross stitched her "Parson's Garden" (101 colors) and we have one of her cottage oils. Ms Bell died following a brave fight with breast cancer in October of 2003. Then the "King" has to be TERRY REDLIN, who does the most wonderful things with light, even though Thomas Kincaid is considered "The Painter of Light". No one does children's art like the illustrator, JAN BRETT, she deserves double mention. How could I forget MARY ENGELBREIT? My kitchen and laundry room are decorated in her "cherry" art. My favorite Michigan artist is the lovely GWEN FROSTIC. From her page:

If you look up at the stars and have a wondrous feeling....
if your heart delights at the antics of a chickadee....
if a little toad winks as you pass by....
....or you wish he would....
then Gwen Frostic prints are created for you....

Since moving to Michigan, I've discovered the magnificent art of NANCY NOEL and had the privilege of visiting her beautiful gallery, The Sanctuary in Zionsville, IN. We have a few of her fine pieces in our home, but my favorite by far, is my Angel of the Lake.

Ironically, Ms. Noel summers on Wallon Lake, MI, just a few short miles from here. If you read her bio you'll discover that she sees a face in her travels (much of it to Africa) and then photographs the person, or scene and paints from that image.

When I tell you about my art treasures, can I forget poetry? I think not. I'm learning, slowly to understand the writings of KAHLIL GIBRAN since I first was introduced to his work around the mid 60's. His "ON CHILDREN", "ON MARRIAGE" and "ON PAIN" really spoke to me. I've had the delight of taking care of several patients who published poetry and while they are relatively unknown in the poetry world, they remain in my heart as Dallas Sprinkles and Alfred Ebelt . A dear, online friend has created a website called MOMENTS TO REMEMBER where daily, she showcases the poetry of aspiring poets, of which I am one. I wrote as a child-teen, but never as an adult and am learning a very new fun thing. I've had SO much fun, that I've had to create my own POETRY PAGE .

The extraordinary art of CHRISTOPHER RADKO is reflected in his marvelous Christmas creations to adorn your Christmas tree. I've managed to collect several sets of 12 Days of Christmas sets created by Mr. Radko.

There is a little more art left to share with you, how about the art of the dance? As a child I took tap and ballet, didn't every little girl? I loved to dance in the 60's, wasn't that fun? but now I am good for a slow dance with Hubby, and that's about it. I do however love the ballet, when the opportunity presents itself. I love the familiar "Swan Lake" and "NutCracker". Along with much of America today, I am enjoying Dancing With The Stars on Monday nights, how I wish I could dance like that. I am a really huge fan of American Idol on Tuesday nights and I'm rootin' for David Archuletta, along with all the other ol' grannies that watch.

Broadway plays? I've seen a few on trips to New York City including "A Chorus Line" and "Grease", just fabulous. We also saw "Phantom" and "Cats" in Toronto while visiting friends. Movies? We watch quite a few movies thanks to Netflix, but I would have to say all time favorite movie has to be "Sound of Music". We are very fortunate in this area to enjoy The Traverse City Film Festival, in it's fourth year this summer. We saw 7 films in 5 days last summer. And finally, I feel that creating my web pages is a special kind of art, that I truly enjoy and I hope that you enjoy my website.


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