Hi, I'm Partridgelady!!

For 25 years or so, my friends have called me "Partridgelady" because of my awesome
collection of partridges and 12 Days of Christmas memorabilia. It all started in 1975 on our
12th wedding anniversary when my husband gave me a wonderful set of Sterling Silver Christmas
ornaments, each depicting one of the days from the partridge in a pear tree to the drummers
drumming, and you all know the words to the song, don't you? For all these years, we have
sent nothing but partridge holiday cards, wrapped gifts in partridge paper, put many, many
sets of 12 ornaments on the tree, and partridges are found everywhere around our house.
We were married in 1963.

Four wonderful little children in Michigan call me Grandma. My boys are aged 10, 9 and 3, and
Grandpa and I are thrilled to have a grandaughter too, who is 6. I am happily retired in Michigan,
on the most beautiful lake in the world. I grew up in Minnesota and married in Montana, where
I met "Grandpa". We moved to Michigan for the next 26 years of our life. Then we moved
to Indiana for the next 10 years. We have three wonderful children, although they are hardly
children anymore. Our oldest son, a computer tech for a university is married to the neatest
daughter-in-law in the world, a registered nurse specializing in Obstetrics. Our daughter now has
her Master's Degree in Social Work and is working at a home for girls and their children
who are wards of the court. She has legal custody of one of the children, our 4th grandchild.
Our youngest son is a tough science teacher in a tough school.

I retired from working as a registered nurse a year ago. I was a post surgical nurse for many years,
worked in a couple nursing homes, became certified in Cancer Nursing and finished up my career
as a home care nurse for a large hospital. I also took an intensive course in Parish Nursing and
hope to do something with that in my retirement. I hope you enjoy these, "My Favorite Things".

There are many things that make me happy. I enjoy playing on the computer, selling on eBay
and managing a website message board for the fans of Johnny Mathis. I love needlework of all kinds,
such as cross stitch, knitting and some crafts. I enjoy gardening,
but love the results much more and my husband and I love to travel and since retiring,
we love boating on our lake with our new pontoon. You can bet the grandkids love that also.
Books and music are my friends for life and my motto is "I Believe in Angels!!"


Here's an Angel for sure!!


Many people have helped me along the "web-way", since I started just over
7 years ago! Those first days at Sony, with Coffeemama, Heavenly Girl, Jazzboo, LadyDi, Dr.Who?,
WESSEX, CaptManning, Conniedean were exciting and then we all went to Leisuredome, gathered
a few more new friends who were eager to share info about building a webpage. Since choosing
Geocities for my first home page, the neighborhood leaders, Wende and SassyRose have been
very, very patient. Coffeemama and I have made our homepages side by side in the neighborhood
in order to help each other, she is my soul sister. But the really technical home page help came
from my friend, Iris, who has gone way out of her way to help me. I thank all of these people
from the bottom of my heart. The roses are for you.

A Daily Prayer

"Let me use my life today to bring light into the darkness for someone in my little corner of the
world; use me to spread love, kindness, caring and compassion to those who are in need of it.
Help me practice tolerance of the differences, and stay focused on the commonalities we
all share. Allow me to love and accept myself as I am today, and to honor my feelings and needs.
Let me serve my Creator well today with everything I say, and -- even more importantly --
with everything I do."



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Page Created September 8, 1999