LaDene and I went to Branson, Mo for the Johnny Mathis Christmas Concerts on
November 11 and 12, 2016. Here are some pictures I took at the concert.

Gary Mule, even had a couple new jokes!!

Johnny kept smiling all through the concerts.

And what a thrill!!!! it was for Gil to be present with Johnny.

Doesn't Gil look great?

"On my own..."

And the gifts arrive at the end of Night one.

Snoopy and special cap given to John by the UK Friends.

Johnny is sporting longer locks these days.

Scott hands John the words to "Sending You a Little Christmas", and Johnny tells us he
doesn't remember all the words to the song. We think he does actually and how nice
to hear this song on Veterans Day. Very special.

Our Star, indeed.

And as he gets more gifts, he sings, and we promise to be here next year.