What a challenge, is this thing called the world wide web!! And what fun it is to create web pages with the help of many friends along the way. It is amazing to me that people whom I've never met, were more than helpful in sharing their knowledge. I appreciate each one of these awards and I thank the kind folks who have taken the time to view my pages and award them. Thank you very much. Please take a moment, click on each of the awards and visit the pages of my friends.

My first participant award at Heart Creators

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful award, thank you dear Angelina,
for this gorgeous, heartfelt award of my page.

Angelina, I can't thank you enough for this beautiful award
you left in my guestbook.
I truly appreciate it and YOU.

I am so very proud of this honor.
Thank you, Heartland Hallmark Committee.

Than you so very much, Heartland Award of Excellance Committee.

I am listed with Heartland Select.

I am a member of the Webworld Network.

I thank the Heartland Committee so very much for this one.
My heartfelt thanks.

Thank you very much, Marie, for this honor.

Rachel, my first award, I love it, thank you!!

Thanks so much, "Orchid Lady", Linda

Thanks so much, Clea.

You're an angel, Sandy, thanks.

My gratitude to Mr. John Mingo for this award.
Please visit his pet loss site, it is very beautiful and therapeutic.
Thanks, John.

Page completed February 23, 1999

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